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FRI 6/22/2018 13:23
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Just Let PLM Die Already!

Created by Video G on Sep 12, 2017

This place hasn't been the same since Gypsy left. Just put it out of its misery. It was fun while it lasted.


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Rick R 9 months

Where is he?
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Brightzen H 9 months

I just got back to the app. I have been noticing barelybany activity
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Rick R 9 months

That blows
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Video G 9 months

I don't even have the app anymore. I'm using the website. The app was just taking up space

Adam C 5 months

Don't ever let this place die! 

It can do alot of good in the right hands!
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PLM Bunny Official admin 5 months

We're with Adam, don't give up on us yet! ;)
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Gameking G 5 months

Let him give up his not a true plm  member 

Debonair F 5 months

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Cognizant(x)Night T 4 months

Hey VG, chill my guy xD