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TUE 12/10/2019 07:57
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Created by Manda P on Feb 8, 2018

Hi everyone! Just wanted to start a convo and see if there are any interesting games out there to try. 


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Manda P almost 2 years

I'm not sure how long everyone's been here but long ago there was a game called Wonder 5 masters. There is a reboot of that game I'm currently playing that is very fun.
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Manda P almost 2 years

I hope they can come here for a global launch ^.^
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Cognizant(x)Night T almost 2 years

^Could you by any chance drop a Link of the game my way in case i can't find it myself? Btw, I play Avabel every once in awhile but I've been so busy with other stuff that it just sits in my phone. xD

Anonymous almost 2 years

I miss monster mountain