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Newest Updated Version 2.4.0 Is Up Now!

Oct 11, 2018
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Hi PLMer,

As you guys may have noticed, the newest Android version of PreLaunch.Me is up and running now!

In the updated newest version 2.4.0, not only fixes bugs but also includes new features such as being able to reply and like public comments on posts. Allowing for better communication between users within the community.

Make sure to update to enjoy some of the newer features we just added to the app. 

And please comment below to let us know what function would you like to see in the next version:)

Happy Gaming!
- PreLaunch.Me Team

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Cog.(x)Ni. T over 1 year

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Cog.(x)Ni. T over 1 year

Where that pirate booty at? :'(

Pach over 1 year

Sweeeet. Looks good!
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Blaiseiken over 1 year

Looking more like a social platform! I like it :) Great job staff!