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MON 7/6/2020 11:05
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Dec 26, 2018
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Hey guys,

As you may have noticed, the new version of PreLaunch.Me, Android V2.5, has come out!

What's new in PLM V2.5
- Muti Events of one game.
You can find all the events of one game like pre-registration, beta, update, etc., current or ended, in event list.

- Follow games to stay updated.
You can follow games you like so that you won't miss out the events and gifts.

- UI improvements.
You can directly join in events or follow games on the home page now.
And also, some changes to bio. You can clearly see what your friends' favorite game genre now. 

Guys, we need your help. Please report bugs to us by commenting below if you encounter any issues.

Thank you all!

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Raging S over 1 year

Finally  its getting  better 
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TinyGamer Q over 1 year

Many improvements! Looking forward to more options!❤️
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Espero over 1 year

Hate the new design, not as user friendly or clean as before
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PLM Tech Official admin over 1 year

We'll keep improving the app.