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WED 12/13/2017 04:56
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This game is on Google Play

Created by Espero on Nov 17, 2017

I played it like a week ago.

Download here:


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J S 13 days

Ends 6 Dec
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Cognizant x Night Y 13 days

Sounds like GITS First Assault.
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Herbert O 7 days

This game is launching friday Dec 8 at 800 am EST. I played it and it's awesome. just letting you guys know cause PLM is always late on notification cheers!!
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Herbert O 6 days

so who's playing?

Tabryne F 6 days

Actually, theres an update on Google play right now that says it's officially launched in the patch notes!
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Nano S 6 days

Am playing

Masanime L 5 days

I'll try it yes
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Adam L 5 days

It was a beta test session b4 it launched.

Masanime L 4 days

If there guilds I like to be in one

Masanime L 4 days

My characters name in game is Tilika