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Character Introduction-[Charles]

Nov 28, 2017
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Ten years ago, Charles’s father, who was a treasure hunter, disappeared after leaving Charles a mysterious energy gauntlet. 
In search of his father, Charles became an apprentice hunter after growing up and embarked on the journey to the City of the Hunters Society on the “Ark of Wonders”. 
As the world of hunters unveiled itself before him, Charles gained precious friendships and the truth of his father’s disappearance began to surface...

Profession type: Damage/Buff
Difficulty: ☆☆

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dennis s 14 days

It's on the store btw
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dennis s 14 days

I just downloaded

Archiez Y 14 days

u wat m8 thanks for reply

Archiez Y 14 days

my username will be Archiez [hopefully] im downloading now feel free to add me

Ehnspire . 14 days

Your prereg gifts are trash btw. Fix it than ull get more peeps

henry n 14 days

It's in beta atm
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Christopher N 14 days

To be honest, I am not impressed with it at all. Especially hearing, "Daddy, I'm more powerful" or whatever every level up. Kinda creepy.
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gentry b 8 days

Is this an american based company? because they have herbs for power all throughout asia. 
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gentry b 8 days

I think a whole lot gets lost in translation and culture. 
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Prelaunch.Me T 8 days

Hey all! 

The estimated release date will be mid-December, stay tuned! 

Thanks for the comments and and feedback, we'll certaintly take them into consideration!