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MON 11/19/2018 08:13
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by PreLaunch.Me

Launch:Today to Oct 31




Halloween Event!

In the spirit of Halloween and our New Update we excited to announce our new event: Calling out the Creepiest Characters Created!

Comment one of the scariest characters or games that you’ve encountered on the PreLaunch.Me app and why they are the scariest….
*Only comments on the PreLaunch.Me App Qualify

The top 3 comments with the most replies and likes will win a $25 google or Apple Store Gift Card!

The event ends on the 31st of October just in time to enjoy halloween weekend playing the scariest game you can find with your new gift card ;)

*NOTICE: Gift Cards can only be used in US App Market.
Where New Events will posted and hosted, so make sure to stay tuned.
Pre-Register to get notification on new upcoming events on PreLaunch.Me and a chance to win prizes! 

Newest Event: Calling out the Creepiest Characters Created 
iOS, Android
Gift Cards can only be used in US App Market.

*Above are subject to change on launch

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