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End of our Halloween Event!

Nov 5, 2018
This marks the end of our Halloween Event!

Congratulations to our three winners: 
- Coen V
- joiyGaming 
- Michael m 

Thanks to you all guys for participating, stay tuned for more events!

**We have gone through all comments and are aware of any concerns users may have. We kept the competition as fair as possible. 
For the next event we will try new ways for the event to be fair to all users! 

What event would you guys like to see next? Comment it down below!  

Happy Gaming!
- PreLaunch.Me 

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Pach over 1 year

Congrats to the winners! Some kind of meme contest would be interesting.

Kovaelin over 1 year

Congrats to the winners.

ni p over 1 year

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PIng N over 1 year

@ni p yeah 
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Blaiseiken over 1 year

@Pach They have already done an event like this on their official Facebook page. 1st place winner got a Nintendo Switch! :)

Coen v over 1 year

Thanks for the person who liked my comment!
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Samantha G over 1 year

@Coen v It was me who liked ur comment
I can relate to thinking fnaf is spoopy. Congrats on the win Coen V :D
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Kira over 1 year


Coen v over 1 year

@Samantha G thanks a lot man. 

Pach over 1 year

@Blaiseiken Whoa, seriously? Huge prize!