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Second Question for Xmas EVENT!

Dec 7, 2018
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Thanks to all those who commented on the first question! 
The answer was: 2014! 

Congratulations to our winner: Tazach21
Question 2: 
Whats your favorite game on PreLaunch.Me?

Three random winners will be selected by the end of Dec 10th!

Happy Gaming,
- PreLaunch.Me Team

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Chris K about 1 month

Warship Girls!
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Alpaca T about 1 month

Helix waltz

Play B about 1 month

Lineage 2 revolution

Scott G about 1 month

Mia online if it ever releases lol
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Erik S about 1 month

Linage II: Revolution 

Joshua A about 1 month

Actually it was established 2011 and went live Dec 2014. We didn't have many people in Prelaunchme there was only 5 or 6 of us from the beginning. 

Stevie H about 1 month

Rise of civilizations 

NeosGod69 about 1 month

Durango:Wild Lands  to bad I still have to wait for it to be launch over here where I live but I am relly waiting for it 

Coen v about 1 month

@Coen v It has not been released on prelaunch. But is in the app store!!
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Aryade ! about 1 month

Favorite PLM game? Of course its Prelaunch.ME app. I get to see new and upcoming games and play a mystery wheel to better the rewards!