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[Special Question] Sponsored by Blade & Wings

Dec 18, 2018
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Congratulations to our Blade & Wings Christmas Event Winners! 

The Best Prize goes to Angel Snow.

And Lucky Prize goes to Andrew G, Anonymous and iNfamos W.

An Official Admin will individually messaged the winners.

How to Collect Prize: 
The winners should reply to Admin with their character name and what server they are in Blade & Wings. 
The prize will then be directly delivered by the game developers to the winners Blade & Wing characters! 

Thank you all for participating but also giving helpful tips and interacting with the developer! 
Hey PLMers,

This Question is specially sponsored by Blade & Wings.
If you have tried this game and familiar with the mounts, please make sure to answer the question!

Comment this post with your favorite mount and the reason. We will choose 2 lucky participants and 1 best comment and send out Christmas gifts as below.
-Deluxe Draw Ticket*10
-Lv. 4 Artifact Jewel Chest*1
-Beast Soul EXP TomeⅠ*100
And an extra Holy Crown for the best comment.

And also, we’re excited to announce Blade & Wings has gained over 1,000,000 global players. To thank you for your constant supports to Blade & Wings, PLM & BW have prepared this Christmas gift for you. 

This event ends on Dec 24th before Christmas. We’ll send out gifts on that day. Please don’t miss it. And there are other more events in game and Official Facebook Page during Christmas. We hope to meet you in Blade and Wings.

P.S. Here is the gift for ALL THE PARTICIPANTS: https://www.facebook.com/BladeandWings/posts/1231387997018294

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Anonymous 26 days

Gotta say the goodie but oldie, little sheep just cause no one uses it if they dont have to. 

Angel Snow 25 days

my fav mount is fire phoenix because it is my first one and it symbolize rebirth and growth. It is definitely a mount that had both meaning and look. Also, it feel great to fly. 
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Admin PLM Official admin 21 days

Guys, the winners have been announced!

Angel Snow 11 days

Hello Admin, how do i reply to you?

Angel Snow 11 days

my IGN: AngelSnow and my server is s146 (aka s143)
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Admin PLM Official admin 8 days

@Angel Snow Hi Angel, actually I've sent you an email. But it's glad to have your reply here! The rewards will be sent to you soon!

Angel Snow 8 days

my IGN: AngelSnow and my server is s146 (aka s143)

Angel Snow 8 days

thank you admin :)
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Admin PLM Official admin 7 days

@Angel Snow Sent. Plz check it out in game. :)

Angel Snow 3 days

@admin received. thank you very much!!