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Android OS Delay

Aug 22, 2019
Calling All Heroes,

Trouble in Android City does not show signs of abating. 
The game was scheduled to be available for both Operating Systems, but the Google Play store application process is taking longer than expected. 
For all the Heroes stranded in Android City, the Developer Association apologizes for the delay and is working tirelessly to open One-Punch Man: Road to Hero for all Heroes, regardless of Operating System.

We will keep you updated once Android OS is available.

--One Punch Man: Road to Hero Team

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Joker 12 months


Disgaea 9 12 months

Any news?
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Sarah Johnson 12 months

So we start behind gg
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Joker 12 months

@Joker This is why you Alpha and Beta test your game before release. I hope we will be compensated accordingly for this.  Now Android users will be way behind.

Anonymous 11 months

5 days have passed

Shane J 11 months

I really hope were gonna be WELL COMPENSATED for this and how long it's taking, can't wait to get dusted by all the ppl already playing

Shane J 11 months

@Joker I agree

Disgaea 9 11 months

@Shane J Yup
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Joker 11 months


Draknoth1 . 11 months

Any news on what's happening?