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SUN 7/5/2020 04:33
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Event: Piggy Bancon Hunt

Oct 14, 2019
Recently, the local news media has reported that due to the occurrence of Piggy Bancons, many citizens claim to have been assaulted and robbed of their pocket money. During the promotion, there is a chance to encounter Piggy Bancons in the Encounters of Chapter 4-15.

Rare rewards are prepared for the winners, such as Advanced Accessories, Advanced Recruit Token, Ability Shards, and Diamonds. The rule requires you to defeat Piggy Bancons within 3 rounds, otherwise it will escape. Piggy Bancon doesn't have much HP, but each hit only deals 1 point of damage, so the player would better figure out how to deal multiple hits. The difficulty of Piggy Bancon will be elevated in Chapter 8 and Chapter 12, meanwhile, its reward will also be abundant.

- One Punch Man: Road to Hero & PLM Team