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MON 7/22/2019 08:53
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A Bonus Gift is available at the Star Exchange Store

Jul 6, 2019
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Hi PLMers,

A bonus gift of Astral Chronicles worth $10 is ready for you, go to the star exchange store and get it!
Tap the lower right of the app to go to the profile page and you can see a calendar button on the upper left, that's where the store is.

Included in the gift package:
-Legendary Equiment Box*1
-Revive Coin*5

100 players limited

Game Server is still not available. We will send a notification once the game is available to play.

- Astral Chronicles & PLM Games

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Malik Garrett 16 days

I found it 
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Esteemed B 15 days

@Sir S click the button at the lower right of the screen(exactly look like ur display picture), then click the button at the upper left(looks like a calendar) 
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Esteemed B 15 days

@Esteemed B [pic]

Shane J 15 days

Love how i downloaded this game a few days ago, had family up so I couldn't get to get, go to try it today and can't cuz soft launch is over......  this is BS never seen this before

Shane J 15 days

If I have your game from the Google play store I should be able to play, just take it off the store till the 22nd and let ppl play that have it already

Jared S 14 days

Found it too, but need to earn the star coins now with daily logins

Jared S 14 days

PLM really needs to make it easier to find though, its not very intuitive
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Sir S 14 days

@Esteemed B Thanks! 
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Malik Garrett 13 days

I got mines thxs!!!!!!

Jason F 6 days

I really need to turn my notifs back on for this app