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SAT 5/30/2020 14:51
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Astral Chronicles Officially Launched!

Jul 22, 2019
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Dear PLM Users,

Are you ready to Challenge Fate? 

PLM Gifts have been sent to you by in-app message. Please check your in-app notification. 

Astral Chronicles is now ready for download! 
Thank you all for awaiting our grand launch!
Download now: http://bit.ly/2XRMTaS

This is the fantasy JRPG where you can become the unlikely hero to rise up and challenge fate itself! Explore a vast open world as you seamlessly transition from one environment to another, unraveling plots of intrigue in this side-scrolling adventure! Venture on mysterious rewarding quests and win epic loot. Take care not to be deceived by innocent-looking characters on your journey through the Astral Realm.

Why wait longer when you can download and try for yourself? 

-- Astral Chronicles Team