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SUN 1/26/2020 15:30
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    Created by PLM on Jul 18, 2019

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    Ryan S 6 months

    I never block the team. I will keep check-in on my email tho.
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    xnz 6 months

    Just played the game a little bit. Of course if was automated. Very laggy too. And I don't think there was a leave this event button. Sp 4/10. But that's just my opinion

    Tim G 6 months

    I haven't received a code yet either is it bugged?
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    Issac F 6 months

    Horrible.graphics, gameplay,  character non customization with a side of gender lock.... 
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    Poppace Inc. Official admin 6 months

    Please write to me to sophia@poppace.com, if you don't get the code. I will reply you with the code.
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    Poppace Inc. Official admin 6 months

    I just contact PLM team. They say the code is arranged to be sent at 20:00 PDT. it's about 1 hour later

    Hand Of G 6 months


    Atom G 6 months

    Where is my pre register code?
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    Poppace Inc. Official admin 6 months

    Hi Atom, please check your email first.
    If you don't receive code from PLM, please write to sophia@poppace.com. I will re-send the code

    Atom G 6 months

    I have received it, thank you