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SAT 7/11/2020 07:19
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    Created by Masanime L on Jul 19, 2019

    Is there open world PvP? I hope not


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    Selvin Mendoza 12 months

    I hope it's not p2w I don't mind a little but I hope it doesn't have a VIP system
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    Poppace Inc. Official admin 12 months

    There is PvP, but it is not the main point in this game
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    Masanime L 12 months

    Not quite what I was asking I'm saying can you get PVPed doing Quest like can you get killed by a player out of nowhere randomly that's what I'm asking
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    Poppace Inc. Official admin 12 months

    players won't get killed by other players in main quests, but if players are on tasks to obtain some certain materials from boss, they may be attacked by other players.

    Atom G 12 months

    Lol did you removed it from play store? I could register earlier now the app just disappeared lmao

    Anonymous 12 months

    Maybe preregister is over? You can preload now