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SAT 5/30/2020 14:30
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Pre-register for Perfect World and Get a $20 Gift!

Jul 25, 2019
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Hi PLMers,

Perfect World Mobile starts pre-registration now! Join the event and get a rare gift which worths $20!
You're expected to experience the unique flying battle mode with your fellows and create a road of your style!

Included in the gift package:
- Grants Outfit: Resonant Warsong (7days)
- Immortality Stone *3
- Lv.4 Amber Stone *1

Launch schedule: September 4th 2019

Have fun!

- Perfect World Mobile & PLM Team

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Ryan T 10 months

I'm excited to see how it plays
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Waverly B 9 months

I'm ready to play it
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Ryan T 9 months