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WED 7/8/2020 19:00
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Gift codes have been sent out! Try this game now!

Sep 11, 2019
Hey guys,

The preparation work is finished and gift codes have already been sent to you all. Check the code in PLM app and download the game to claim your special gift!

Get the game now (Android Users): http://bit.ly/2L10J1D

Have fun!

- Perfect world mobile & PLM Team


Kevin Hill 10 months

I can't even download it! It says "Insufficient space".  I deleted most of my unused apps and it's still not enough!  What the hell?!?!?

Jason W 10 months

sorry but tbh the exp system sucks in the mobile version, when i first started there were way to many cut-scenes....
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Brian M 10 months

So it's not loading agian it did it 1 time before I had to in install and re install it agian and lost the toons I had