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First impressions: 10 minutes gameplay

Sep 11, 2019
Good day,

Who doesn’t want to live in a perfect world? Perfect World Mobile, a mobile adaption of a 12-year-old legendary PC game has come to our phones (iOS and Android). You can download Perfect World Mobile now to enjoy world-class graphics and amazing battles. Here's a quick preview of the game. Hope you enjoy the video!

Get the game now:
➡iOS: http://bit.ly/30nWJhU
➡Android: http://bit.ly/2L10J1D

- Perfect World Mobile & PLM Team


Ivy S 10 months

I was a 9 year cleric on pwi this for sure looks like pwi but I feel it is missing so much in the builds and flexibility we used to have. Building a cleric in this game is frustrating at times.