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SUN 8/25/2019 22:01
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Tower Defense Arrives -- Join Lords Watch!

Jul 30, 2019
Hi PLMers,

Here's a Tower Defense game for you, named Lords Watch. Several gift options are available, including pre-reg gift, mystery box and star exchange special.
Lords Watch is featured for free selection of gaming routes. No time for hesitation, suit up for this fabulous battle!

Included in the pre-reg gift package:
- Diamonds*300
- Gold*60000
- Stamina Elixir*6
- S-Ranked Elinchard*1

Launch Schedule: Mid September 2019

Have fun!

- Lords Watch & PLM Team

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Azn H 22 days

Can't wait to try it!
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Xiaoling L 13 days

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PLM Tech Official admin 13 days

@Xiaoling L Yeah:)