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SUN 7/5/2020 04:57
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    Created by PLM on Aug 21, 2019

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    davin a 10 months

    so has anyone else got to the part where the king ask you what you want, in the elven kingdom? I have done it twice and invincible gives you a good sword and armor, and command makes you a baron. anyone try the other choices?
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    Trung N 9 months

    no, I chose command in my save too. by the way, do you know how to unlock the third tier class for infantry? like berserker and assassin?

    Sylvain G 7 months

    My main character is 118 yrs old and I can't figure out how to advance the game. Can anyone help

    tay w 6 months

    The riches one gives you 300 gold pieces , 1 gold piece is supposed to be worth 200 silver... but you can only spend it on a few things, sometimes you can sell them on embarkment day and get good money for them though
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    Lazarnephz 5 months

    Another game trying to ride on the coat tails of fire emblem heros huh?