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Game features outlined!

Sep 29, 2019

[Interact Closely with 100+ Servants in a Live 2D System]
Command over 100 beautiful servants reincarnated from the DNA of eastern and western heroes! Every servant is finely portrayed and given unique character settings and stats! With the Live 2D system adopted in the game, you can closely interact with the servants!

[Unique "Merc System"]
Servants never fight alone, because mercenaries will help them win! In the [Merc System], mercenaries can be deployed in over 300 different lineups!

[Backyard Dating]
Each master in Mirage Memorial has an exclusive backyard, where he can trigger private stories, interact closely with the servants, or invite them to a cafe or a spa. Master, now it is time to start your happy life by going on over 101 adventures of love.

[Top Japanese Cast]
Super Cast for the servants. A Great Performance for Voice Lovers!

- Mirage Memorial Global & PLM Team