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TUE 8/4/2020 09:40
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This game is stupid.

Created by Kevin Hill on Oct 26, 2019

This game is stupid not just for PvP, but GARDENING. Gardening, REALLY?!?!?



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borcuse 9 months

I don't fully agree with you opinion, however if they fixed the English spelling on their advertised video and pictures it would be better to support an argument.
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Masanime L 9 months

I'm still going to try it after all it's not like there's a whole lot more games on console and phone that interest us anyway

Kevin Hill 9 months

Avabel Online and Avabel Lupinus are still there. And surprisingly, so is Izanagi Online.

Zach F 9 months

worse game ever
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xnz 9 months

Boring game. I mean so may like the slow progress but I don't.
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Masanime L 9 months

I figured it was terrible we're in the age of action games not waiting and going slow

Pach 9 months

Its a little difficult to get used to. I was patient enough to understand it and thought it was interesting, but ultimately left because it felt as though everything I clicked on had $$$ signs on them
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Mohamed T 9 months


Tristan S 7 months

If you read Korean novels its okay I guess