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SUN 11/17/2019 19:12
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This game is stupid.

Created by Kevin Hill on Oct 26, 2019

This game is stupid not just for PvP, but GARDENING. Gardening, REALLY?!?!?



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borcuse 22 days

I don't fully agree with you opinion, however if they fixed the English spelling on their advertised video and pictures it would be better to support an argument.
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Masanime L 15 days

I'm still going to try it after all it's not like there's a whole lot more games on console and phone that interest us anyway

Kevin Hill 13 days

Avabel Online and Avabel Lupinus are still there. And surprisingly, so is Izanagi Online.

Zach F 10 days

worse game ever
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xnz 10 days

Boring game. I mean so may like the slow progress but I don't.
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Masanime L 9 days

I figured it was terrible we're in the age of action games not waiting and going slow

Pach 9 days

Its a little difficult to get used to. I was patient enough to understand it and thought it was interesting, but ultimately left because it felt as though everything I clicked on had $$$ signs on them
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Mohamed T 6 days