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Authentic Idle Chinese Cultivation Game Immortal Taoist has Officially Launched

Nov 7, 2019
The most expected idle Chinese Cultivation game, Immortal Taoist, has finally launched its open beta test(the game data will not be wiped) on Android! And the iOS version will be available very soon. This game was heated and followed by thousands of Players! Immortal Taoist has decent amount of reservation and subscribe in mainstream social website such as Facebook and Instagram.

Besides the core play mode in traditional Chinese Cultivation game, Immortal Taoist also made some breakthrough which is based on young players.

Remarkable Immortal Simulation World
Immortal Taoist is a mobile game based on Chinese cultivation novel. Players can experience a reality of cultivation journey accompanied with a series of adventure. The concept of Qi Gathering, Ascension, Pill Making and Companion Coupling is the feature of Immortal Taoist.    
Our Immortal Taoist game will bring you a whole different life, which will enable you to shape the Immortal world from a rookie cultivator. You are the master of your fate!

Exclusive Martial Art is waiting for you
In the world of martial art, a powerful and mysterious Manual, a book containing detailed instructions on training in a cultivation method or martial arts style, plays a crucial in your cultivation path. Immortal Taoist provides you with different legendary skill like Shift Skill, Physical Skill, Secret Tome, Mantra, Sutra and Heavenly Book. These skills are easy to find and help you boost your immortal journey.

Pill and Elixir
The world of Immortal is full of spirit and treasure material. You should fully utilize the resource for your ascension. Numerous spirit stone and celestial weapons are waiting for you. Collect all of them into your backpack.

Realm Breakthrough
Please imagine that you are the hero of novel and have all the key conditions for success. Immortal Taoist will give you a chance to be the hero. Chance are highly encounterable and you can find it everywhere in our Immortal Taoist. To be or not to be, the decision 

Build Your Own Sect 
Good and evil are relative to each other but how can we define it? The sects in Immortal Taoist are grouped by the good and evil. Choices here are numerous and different plot will be triggered after you decided your sect. No matter your sect is good or evil, the only concern here is to ascend to be immortal.

Companion C
It is normal to feel lonely on your journey seeking immortal! Find your immortal mate for your breakthrough, sounds good? She may be a wandering beauty, your master or younger martial sister in your sect. Whether you would like to be loyal or play the field, we can realize all for you.

Heated Public Beta
Immortal Taoist, has finally launched on IOS and Android store for download!Download will receive our exclusive public beta gift pack! Also following our Facebook fan page will give you a secret gift pack for fresh player. 


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Immortal Taoists - Instruction Part

Nov 3, 2019
Immortal Taoists is an idle adventure game of immortal cultivation. The game is based on the Chinese culture of immortal cultivation, which mortals can ascend to immortals by cultivating.

So how to begin your cultivation? Let me lead you the way to Immortal!

First of all, customize your own unique character.

Then customize your background, please beware of your choice because your background determines your basic attributes. (Tips: I will pick Orphan)

Then begin your cultivation! Click cultivate every three minutes! Upgrade to Foundation to upgrade automatically!

Spiritual Mountain

Spiritual Mountain is used to produce all important resources(spiritual stone, food, wood and iron), and you need assign apprentice to each resource in order to produce.

Start with 5 free apprentices, each apprentice produces 1 food every 10 seconds, production of other kind of resource require food as well which means food is the core resource, so put food at the first place.

At the same time, wood can expand the output/max storage of each resource in spiritual mountain, while the iron is mainly used to upgrade the spiritual root. For early game, upgrade food&wood to lv.20 to develop rapidly.

Your cultivation efficiency depends on your cultivation realm so improve your cultivation realm first! 

Choose a Sect to join then,you are able to learn skills, exchange for lots of useful interesting items, even challenge your Sect Leader! 

More details coming soon! 

See you in the game!


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Masanime L 8 months

So it's an actual planting game mmmmm not so sure about this one
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xnz 8 months

Im not so sure about this game.

Authentic Chinese Immortal Game Immortal Taoists - Pre-registration is ON!

Nov 2, 2019

The idle game of Chinese immortal cultivation Immortal Taoists has completed its English version and the pre-registration is available now and will be lauching soon. The game has been loved by a lot of players in Asia and a whole bunch of netizens of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Let’s get closer and see what this well-reviewed game is about.


The game is based on Chinese Wuxia (Wuxia means Chinese martial arts fiction) fantasy novels about immortal cultivation, which people cultivate to be immortal from mortals. (If you want to know more about these Chinese fantasy novels, just check wuxiaworld.com) The gameplays 100% revealed the world of Chinese Wuxia novels, including the martial arts, fiction, daoism philosophy, background settings and more. 

Real World of Immortal Cultivation

In this game, players can experience the real world of Chinese Immortal Cultivation. Players start by creating their own cultivator, and cultivate to ascend to Heaven and be an immortal step by step. The cultivation realm starts from Qi Gathering and Foundation all the way to Immortal King and Immortal Venerable. Cultivators can experience all kinds of gameplays, including Chinese Alchemy, blacksmithing of flying swords, coupling cultivating with companions, etc. You can really be the big shot from nobody in the world of cultivation.


Matchless Skills

As you know that the culture of Chinese Kungfu developed over a long historical period in China, and now you can learn all kinds of skills in Immortal Taoists, such as mantras, physical skills, element spells, heavenly books, etc. 

Great Treasures

The world of cultivation is full of spiritual Qi and everything in this world has a spirit, and there are treasures everywhere in this world, such as spiritual metals and spiritual herbs. You can forge your own weapons or concoct elixirs with all these treasures.


Unexpected Destiny

Just like the lead in the novels, you can be the lucky chosen one as well here. Good fortunes of immortal cultivation are always around you here and there. An ordinary old man might be a seclusive immortal and gives a Heavenly Book and helps your ascension of Immortality.


Various Sects

You can experience and join all kinds of sects in this game, including righteous sects and evil sects. Some sects specialize in alchemy and some sects specialize in blacksmith. Righteous sects may make you benevolent and evil sects may make you malevolent. It doesn’t matter if you are good or evil, because the ultimate goal is immortality.

Coupling Companions

Being immortal may be a lonely, because nobody wants to live alone eternally. There are a lot of companions you can choose in this game and they can couple with you for your cultivation. Your companion can be your Martial Sister, your Martial Brother and even your Master!


Now, the authentic Chinese Immortal Game Immortal Taoists is on Pre-registration now, please like our Facebook page for more information and latest updates, and there are more exclusive rewards for Facebook fans.

Come and join us: https://www.facebook.com/com.immortaltaoists/


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xnz 8 months

I want an exact release date. Not a coming soon.

Sign up for Immortal Taoists-Idle Game of Immortal Cultivation!

Oct 24, 2019
Hi all,

Immortal Taoists-Idle Game of Immortal Cultivation is based on eastern culture and is very unique. Get your rich gifts before launch and try the game for fresh experience.

Here's what included in the pre-reg gift:
- Spirit Stones*2000
- Wood*2000
- Iron*2000
- Food*2000
- Reputations*200
- Satin Box*2
- Contribution Token*500

By the way, mystery box is available. The grand prize is waiting for you. Try your luck!

Launch schedule: November 4 2019

Have fun!

Immortal Taoists-Idle Game of Immortal Cultivation & PLM Team


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