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Immortal Taoists - Instruction Part

Nov 3, 2019
Immortal Taoists is an idle adventure game of immortal cultivation. The game is based on the Chinese culture of immortal cultivation, which mortals can ascend to immortals by cultivating.

So how to begin your cultivation? Let me lead you the way to Immortal!

First of all, customize your own unique character.

Then customize your background, please beware of your choice because your background determines your basic attributes. (Tips: I will pick Orphan)

Then begin your cultivation! Click cultivate every three minutes! Upgrade to Foundation to upgrade automatically!

Spiritual Mountain

Spiritual Mountain is used to produce all important resources(spiritual stone, food, wood and iron), and you need assign apprentice to each resource in order to produce.

Start with 5 free apprentices, each apprentice produces 1 food every 10 seconds, production of other kind of resource require food as well which means food is the core resource, so put food at the first place.

At the same time, wood can expand the output/max storage of each resource in spiritual mountain, while the iron is mainly used to upgrade the spiritual root. For early game, upgrade food&wood to lv.20 to develop rapidly.

Your cultivation efficiency depends on your cultivation realm so improve your cultivation realm first! 

Choose a Sect to join then,you are able to learn skills, exchange for lots of useful interesting items, even challenge your Sect Leader! 

More details coming soon! 

See you in the game!


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Masanime L 7 months

So it's an actual planting game mmmmm not so sure about this one
Resize,m lfit,w 300

xnz 7 months

Im not so sure about this game.

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This game is stupid.


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