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Created by Admin PLM on Nov 17, 2019

Anything you want to know about the new game DRAGON STORM FANTASY, please comment below.


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Mohammed K 9 months

Will the game become available to Sweden when launched?
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GOAT Games Official admin 9 months

Hello Mohammed, Dragon Storm Fantasy(Android) will launch in the US, GB, AU, NZ first on 8th Dec. And it will be available in Sweden in late Jan 2020.
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Justin D 8 months

I would  like to beta test your game
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Paul M 8 months

Mayhap there might be a slight more articulated & terse guide on the characters/abilities/skills afore the release? Overlook an old man's indolence if there is, & I've overlooked, tho. I thank you.

Jimmy B 8 months

When will SEA get the chance?