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Nov 27, 2019
Hi PLMers,

Mobile MMORPG Dragon Storm Fantasy is finally coming to the West! The action-rpg style game includes multiple classes, each with the ability to transform into a variety of dragon forms. With a fully fledged story, pvp game mode, guild based gameplay features, Dragon Storm Fantasy is a feature rich mobile MMORPG. The pre-registration system is already live, so be sure to pre-register for Android or iOS.

Key Features:

Dragon Transformations - Transform into powerful dragon forms and unlock new dragon forms, each with unique skills and abilities.

Guild Based Gameplay - full host of guild gameplay including including Guild Dominion, Conquest, and Eternal Battle game modes.

Rich Story - A Stage based story mode with a detailed story and immersive cutscenes. Play through a 720 stage, voice-acted main storyline made up of three epic campaigns.

Action Packed PvP - Action-RPG style gameplay and controls make for fast paced PvP matches. Players can customize 100+ talents for added strategic depth.

Interactive Player Market - An auction house with no list price restrictions allows players to participate in a dynamic marketplace.


Jason W 7 months

is there a release date for this game? or some type of beta?
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GOAT Games Official admin 7 months

Hello Jason, the scheduled launch date is 8th Dec 2019 for Android and iOS. The release countries are US, GB, AU, NZ for Android,  US, GB, CA, AU, NZ for iOS.
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Masanime L 7 months

I don't give an absolute **** about PVP. But what I do seek is entertainment and this game looks like I can do a good job or at least I hope looking forward to it playing it
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Masanime L 7 months

Can't say the CRP so crud