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Character Collection - Part 1

Jan 15, 2020
Hi PLMers,

Arknights has a rich character collection and development system. Here are some character introductions.

Only one day left before the game launch! Make sure you have pre-registered the game.

[CV] Tomoyo Kurosawa
Amiya is the official leader of Rhodes Island.

[CV] Ami Koshimizu
Projekt Red, an abandoned child, was raised by a woman she calls "grandma", and has been feared by her fellow Lupo ever since.

[CV] Yoko Hikasa
Kal'tsit is the director of medical projects at Rhodes Island. An expert in many fields, she serves as a medic operator in some of Rhodes Island’s operations, offering medical advice and operating medical devices.

[CV] Atsumi Tanezaki
Dobermann is in charge of tactical training at Rhodes Island. Meticulous and strict, she carefully oversees the company's training regimens, aiming to reduce battlefield casualties to zero.

[CV] Ayane Sakura
Nearl is a Rhodes Island Defender Operator. Her strong sense of determination and commitment to the cause has made her the Shield of Rhodes Island.

Let us know who's your favourite character.

---Arknights & PreLaunch.me Team


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Mark S 7 months

Red is nice.