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SUN 3/29/2020 08:14
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[EVENT] Pre-register now and win Iphone 11!

Mar 12, 2020
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Hi PLMers,

“We need to recruit more members to strengthen our League! My gifts and I are ready to welcome you!”—Luna with all kinds of gifts.

Now we have a chance to unlock higher level rewards both in-game and real-world! Share this with your friends and join us together!

Details of pre-registration are as follows:
1. Time travelers can register through the official website and PreLaunch.Me website & app.
2. Real-world Rewards (Randomly pick corresponding players according to the number of rewards from each level, from whom have successfully completed the pre-registration):
Pre-registration number reaches 100k: Amazon Card $100*10 
Pre-registration number reaches 500k: Monster Beats*3 
Pre-registration number reaches 2M: Nintendo Switch*2 
Pre-registration number reaches 5M: iPhone 11*1
​*This event is not related to Apple Inc.​

​Game Launch Schedule: 24th March 2020.
Find more game info here: http://esm.neocraftstudio.com

--- The Eternal Sword M Team


Igor K 17 days

How can they possibly award real money... hmmmm
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SaȜeed R 17 days


jesse g 17 days

It looks like the link brings you to a fake page that brings you to a fake Facebook page to steal your profile

Raymond S 17 days

@Igor K Its a gift card, they can buy those and send them to whoever they want.

Raymond S 17 days

@jesse g Its real.
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iNfamos W 17 days

That's amazing!

Kovaelin 5 days

When will the winners be announced?
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Julie J 2 days

Idk still waiting