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Immortal Destiny is LAUNCHED!

May 12, 2020
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Hi PLMers,

Immortal Destiny is LAUNCHED! 
You can download the game now:
Android: https://bit.ly/3fITLfY
iOS: https://bit.ly/2WPz3Tc

All the gift codes have been sent to your email and PreLaunch.Me in-app message.

Enjoy Gaming!

---PLM Team


Real-world Reward Update!

Apr 30, 2020
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Dear warriors, 

Do you enjoy the sword art world in Immortal Destiny? We are happy to see you conquering the difficulties in the game and our team also has prepared gifts for you all! 

Pre-registration Milestone:
1. In-game reward (when the pre-reg number reaches ?):
Bank Notes 1M × 1 (Reach 100K)
Mount Rank-Up Pallet × 10 (Reach 500K)
Gorgeous Pack × 1(Reach 1M)
Crystal Kun × 1(Reach 2M)

2. Real-world reward:
Amazon Gift Card × 10 (Reach 100K)
Monster Beats Earphones × 2 (Reach 500K)
Nintendo Switch × 1 (Reach 1M)
iPhone 11 × 1 (Reach 2M)

JOIN US NOW! Go tell your friends about the lottery to unlock more rewards!
More people join, more gifts unlocked! Pre-reg Lottery incoming!

--- The Immortal Destiny Team

Official Website: https://id.neocraftstudio.com/en
Facebook page: facebook.com/ImmortalDestinyOfficial/

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tony c 3 months


Anonymous 3 months

No not really because the game is STILL not out yet!!

Jason A 3 months

What game?  It's not out yet or I am missing something.

Anonymous 3 months

No you're not missing anything, It's not out yet. Last rumour I heard was May 10th, but you know how that is.

Anonymous 3 months

It should release on Google play tonight.

Pre-registration for Immortal Destiny Start Now!

Apr 10, 2020
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Pre-register now and you can get a special gift in Immortal Destiny. 

Launch Schedule: Late April 2020

Gift Including: 
Luxury Package:Silver*200K, Candied Fruit*2, Costume Essence I*1
*If more than 3000 users enrolled our game, each registered user will get Supreme Package as gift
Supreme Package: Lv.1 HP Gem*2, Bound Ingot*30, Medium Hidden Weapon Upgrade Stone*1

How to get the gifts: 
1. Pre-register the game on PreLaunch.Me. 
2. A notification will be sent to you when the game is launched. 
3. The gift codes will be sent to you by in-app message and email.
4. Download the game and run the Game.
5. Enter the game and tap Option on top-right.
6. Tap the Redeem and Insert your redeem code.

*The pre-registration gift code will be revealed after the game launch.
**Please make sure to access Google Play through PreLaunch.me**

And don't forget to spin the mystery box:
Grand Prize: 
​Angel's Spirit Pack: Dragon Jade*5, Astrolabe*1, Mount Rank-Up Pellet*15, Bound Ingot *500, Yang Elixir*1
1st Prize: 
​Summonner's Gift Pack: Bug & Herb*2, 2x EXP Elixir*1, Medium Hidden Weapon Upgrade Stone*2, Bound Ingot*300
2nd Prize: 
​Crafter's Jewel Pack: Bound Ingot *200, Candied Fruit*5, Lv.2 ATK Gem*1
3rd Prize: 
​Greed's Preciou Pack: Mount Rank-Up Pellet*3, 1 Rose*1, Silver*100K
Enjoy Gaming!

 -   Immortal Destiny & PLM Team

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Daddy 2 4 months

Ice cream 2
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Mite N 4 months

Let's go ppl let's get ahead of the rest

Christopher R 3 months

Wjat day is the launch day?  It's late April already.

Pineapple G 3 months

Why is neocraft coming out with a lot of mmorpg games yet they don't fix the lags and bugs of their current games?