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MON 7/6/2020 11:27
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Pre-registration for Immortal Destiny Start Now!

Apr 10, 2020
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Pre-register now and you can get a special gift in Immortal Destiny. 

Launch Schedule: Late April 2020

Gift Including: 
Luxury Package:Silver*200K, Candied Fruit*2, Costume Essence I*1
*If more than 3000 users enrolled our game, each registered user will get Supreme Package as gift
Supreme Package: Lv.1 HP Gem*2, Bound Ingot*30, Medium Hidden Weapon Upgrade Stone*1

How to get the gifts: 
1. Pre-register the game on PreLaunch.Me. 
2. A notification will be sent to you when the game is launched. 
3. The gift codes will be sent to you by in-app message and email.
4. Download the game and run the Game.
5. Enter the game and tap Option on top-right.
6. Tap the Redeem and Insert your redeem code.

*The pre-registration gift code will be revealed after the game launch.
**Please make sure to access Google Play through PreLaunch.me**

And don't forget to spin the mystery box:
Grand Prize: 
​Angel's Spirit Pack: Dragon Jade*5, Astrolabe*1, Mount Rank-Up Pellet*15, Bound Ingot *500, Yang Elixir*1
1st Prize: 
​Summonner's Gift Pack: Bug & Herb*2, 2x EXP Elixir*1, Medium Hidden Weapon Upgrade Stone*2, Bound Ingot*300
2nd Prize: 
​Crafter's Jewel Pack: Bound Ingot *200, Candied Fruit*5, Lv.2 ATK Gem*1
3rd Prize: 
​Greed's Preciou Pack: Mount Rank-Up Pellet*3, 1 Rose*1, Silver*100K
Enjoy Gaming!

 -   Immortal Destiny & PLM Team

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Daddy 2 3 months

Ice cream 2
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Mite N 3 months

Let's go ppl let's get ahead of the rest

Christopher R 2 months

Wjat day is the launch day?  It's late April already.

Pineapple G 2 months

Why is neocraft coming out with a lot of mmorpg games yet they don't fix the lags and bugs of their current games?