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WED 7/1/2020 22:48
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Real-world Reward Update!

Apr 30, 2020
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Dear warriors, 

Do you enjoy the sword art world in Immortal Destiny? We are happy to see you conquering the difficulties in the game and our team also has prepared gifts for you all! 

Pre-registration Milestone:
1. In-game reward (when the pre-reg number reaches ?):
Bank Notes 1M × 1 (Reach 100K)
Mount Rank-Up Pallet × 10 (Reach 500K)
Gorgeous Pack × 1(Reach 1M)
Crystal Kun × 1(Reach 2M)

2. Real-world reward:
Amazon Gift Card × 10 (Reach 100K)
Monster Beats Earphones × 2 (Reach 500K)
Nintendo Switch × 1 (Reach 1M)
iPhone 11 × 1 (Reach 2M)

JOIN US NOW! Go tell your friends about the lottery to unlock more rewards!
More people join, more gifts unlocked! Pre-reg Lottery incoming!

--- The Immortal Destiny Team

Official Website: https://id.neocraftstudio.com/en
Facebook page: facebook.com/ImmortalDestinyOfficial/

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tony c 2 months


Anonymous 2 months

No not really because the game is STILL not out yet!!

Jason A about 2 months

What game?  It's not out yet or I am missing something.

Anonymous about 2 months

No you're not missing anything, It's not out yet. Last rumour I heard was May 10th, but you know how that is.

Anonymous about 2 months

It should release on Google play tonight.