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Details of Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals

Apr 2, 2019
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Hi PLMers! 

Today we will bring you with some details of Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals. Check them out! 
FEATURES of Blade Chaos:
- Guild leagues, faction wars, Epic boss fights, and many PVP features
- Profound Transmogrification System that gives you one of a kind appearance. Choose any of banquet attires, refreshing swimsuits, maid dresses or sprinkling armors that waiting for you to collect!
- Equip super powerful relics that grant you attribute enhancements and unique skills. Compose your runes to get the ultimate force abilities! The face-off of the gods and devils is imminent! 
-Meet your sweetheart, be involved in a roaring love affair, and organize your own unforgettable wedding.

-Blade Chaos & PLM Team 


Justin Meneses about 1 year