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Dragonborn Knight: Basic Guide

Aug 8, 2019
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Dear Knights,

Welcome to the world of Dragonborn Knight! This guide will go over basic features of the game. After reading this article, you are ensured to have a great start in Borisland. Let’s start!
The first thing you will see in the game is the login page. After logging in, you need to select a server and create a new character. 

✨Character Creation✨
There are four bloodlines to choose from: Humans, Elves, Bloodborns, and Dragonborns, each with two classes available. After you have chosen the bloodline, you need to enter your character's name and click on "Enter” to start the game.
*Each account can have up to 4 characters on each server.

✨Main Interface✨
Once you enter the game, the main interface will be shown. Main interface includes your profile picture, the quest list,a virtual joystick, a chat box, entry to events and skill execution box. You can move by controlling the virtual joystick or tapping with your finger. Tap the skill buttons on the right to perform actions such as executing skills and dodging. You can also click on your profile picture in the upper left to enter the Character page. Here you can view the details of your character, equipment, stats and so on.

The game has these following systems: Skill, Equipment, Relic, Mount, Battle Pet, Dragon Master, Skins and others. To access these features, click on the function buttons on the right of the main interface. Each character can own 10 pieces of equipment that can be equipped, including weapons, bracers, hats, pauldrons, clothes, bottomwear, shoes, necklaces, amulets and rings. On the Character page, click on tabs like "Bag" and "Title" to access the corresponding pages.

From here, we will introduce the basics of Dragonborn Knight in two big categories: battle-related and non-battle-related.

✨Battle Related: Character✨

There are 4 tabs on the Skill page: Upgrade, Skillset, Rune and Awaken. You can upgrade skills to make them deadlier.
The game features 2 sets of Talent Skills, each set containing 6 skills. The player can equip 4 skills. You may either employ the skillset recommended by the game, or create your own. On the Skillset page, you can watch demonstrations of skills being executed. Here are the introduction for the key tabs:
Rune: A Rune corresponds to 2 skills of each set of Talent Skills. Upgrading a rune will boost your character's basic stats, whereas Transcend will increase the damage of skills.
Awaken: Each skill has two Awaken effects for your selection. Awaken will add a variety of effects to a skill.

The Enhance interface is made for equipment upgrades and it has 5 features: Enhance, Socket, Augment, Refine and Engrave. 
Enhance: Enhance equipment to improve stats at a cost of Enhance Crystal and coins. As the total Enhance level of all of your equipment goes up, you will receive bonus stats, which can be viewed by clicking on "Enhance Bonus" in the lower left. When you change equipment, the Enhance level will transfer to the equipment currently worn.
Socket: You can socket up to 4 gems into each piece of equipment, with different equipment requiring different gem types. Through Quick Combine, you can upgrade socketed gems to the next level by spending the same number of gems.
Refine: It allows you to improve equipment's Enhance stats by a percentage, costing some Refine Crystal and coins. Successful Refine attempts increase the Refine level while failed attempts decrease the Refine level. For the first 30 Refine levels, failed attempts will not cause the Refine level to drop; after 30, you can avoid losses of the Refine level using certain items.
Engrave: generates prefixes for equipment. Each piece of equipment can only have one prefix. If you have a certain amount of equipment with the same prefix, a set effect will be activated.
Augment: it allows improvement in the type and values of your equipment's Special Stats, with a chance of getting unique stats.

A huge number of Relics are available for collection throughout the game. Finish main quests to collect all Relic Shards, then complete Challenge Dungeon to unlock Relics. 
Upgrade Relics to improve their stats and make your character stronger. When a Relic is upgraded to a certain grade, it may be ranked up to acquire elemental stats. Relic skills will be unlocked when the Relic reaches grade 2. Any subsequent ranking up will raise skill levels. Relic skills are active only when the Relic is equipped.
Codex materials, available in events and at the Relic Shop, can activate Codex Combinations that will give a percentage boost to your basic stats. As you collect more Codex Combinations, new Relic stories will be unlocked, together with stats boosts.

The game offers a huge variety of skins ranging from outfits and mounts in traditional MMORPGs to wings, footprints, weapon skins and many others. What's more, you can customize your outfits and change their color to your liking. Skins are not just about creating a unique look for your character─they will make you even stronger.

✨Battle-Related: Summons✨

✨Battle Pet✨
As your best buddies, Battle Pets can fight along with you, give you materials and a boost to your stats through working, and have awesome skins. You can mix and match your Battle Pets' skills based on your Talent.
Battle Pets can be upgraded by consuming EXP in the EXP Bottle.
You can increase Young Battle Pets' Potential through training, which requires a certain number of coins. But there is a possibility that the Potential falls as a result of training. 
Adult Battle Pets can be sent to work to earn rewards, with a chance of winning Lucky Rewards.

✨Dragon Master✨
You can acquire a baby dragon via the main quests and raise it by feeding it Dragon Seeds. The dragon will boost your stats and occasionally come to your aid in combat with its skills.
As the dragon grows up, Transmute will be unlocked, allowing you to transform it into a more powerful dragon with other stats.

✨Non-Battle-Related: Social✨

Apart from the various systems mentioned above, the game features a wide array of interactive systems. Enjoy Dragonborn Knight as a party animal!

On the main interface, click on the social buttons on the left of the chat box to access pages such as Friends and Apprentice.
On the Friends interface, you can chat with friends, view the opponent list and blacklist, and perform interactive actions such as gifting AP and inviting a player to your party.

The game comes with a user-friendly chat system that provides 7 channels, allowing you to filter out unwanted messages. What's more, you can customize your chat box and use emoticons to spice up conversations.
Voice chat, the best way of interaction in mobile games, is provided for effective communication.

Guilds provide a platform where players can interact with each other. Join a like-minded guild, partner up with other members to expand the guild, take part in various events and enjoy a wide range of guild rewards.
With enough Guild EXP, spend Guild Funds to raise the Guild Level, which will increase the maximum number of guild members and Guild Skills.
Take part in guild events not only to expand the guild but also to collect different resources improving your stats.

✨Non-Battle-Related: Shop & Trade✨

The Shop offers items that can be purchased primarily with Diamonds and Zircon. Daily outfits and upgrade materials are available at the Shop, whereas the Limited-time Shop spawns discounted packs from time to time for stats improvement.

✨Trading Post✨
The Trading Post is where players make transactions. At the Auction House, you can buy or sell items at the expense of a few coins as a storage fee.

Join events and finish dungeons to obtain tokens, with which you can purchase necessary materials at various shops. Tokens add spice to the game while affording a boost to your character's development.

✨Wishing Well✨
The Wishing Well is the primary source of coins, the currency used in the game. Through the Wishing Well, the player can obtain coins for daily needs without making in-game purchases.

Meanwhile, multiple event dungeons are featured in the game: solo dungeons, group dungeons and guild dungeons. Pick one that suits your playstyle─either go solo or squad up with your buddies. There are also leisure games like Monopoly to add an interesting touch to the game. Join in events to earn item rewards and take one step closer to your personal goals.

Read through all of them? Then you are truly a Dragonborn Knight Master. Start your journey now!


Dragonborn Knight: 12-Min Gameplay First Impression

Jul 28, 2019
Hello, Prelaunch.Me members!

My name is Tap-T (an abbreviation of Tapioca Tea), a new member of the Prelaunch.Me crew.
Here's my 12-Min Gameplay First Impression for Dragonborn Knight. 

And don't forget the star exchange event is still available in PLM Android App. You can get the gift codes now if you have PLM star points.

Enjoy gaming!


Stanley G 8 months

The game died out
Default profile

Dylan I 8 months

@Stanley G Rightttttt. S1 dead. S2 dead. S3 dead all in like a week
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iNfamos W 8 months

Its a gender locked autoplay clone mmo with slightly better character designs. Why is your review 12minutes???
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iNfamos W 8 months

@Dylan I the game was dead at conception it is a boring gender locked mmo clone what did u expect.

Natalie C 8 months

Yup the game is dead, or was about to die when I left... 

Dragonkborn Knight: FAQ

Jul 17, 2019
Dear Knights,

Maybe you had many questions during your journey. Well, we are here to help. Here’s the FAQ for Dragonborn Knight. It comes categorized and clear. Enjoy!

✨System Basics✨
Q: Gift code is not available?
A: Please send your Game id, Server and Gift Code Problem to DK_hwservice@pwrd.com.

Q: What is Vitality?
A: Mining and Gathering consume Vitality. 1 Vitality point is regenerated every minute. Vitality is capped at 2500 points.

Q: How do I raise VIP EXP?
A: Spend 1 Diamond for 10 VIP EXP; 1 Zircon for 1 VIP EXP.

Q: What is transaction tax?
A: A transaction tax (10%) is imposed on items sold at the Trading Post.

Q: When do Flowers Rankings reset?
A: Flowers Received Rankings and Flowers Sent Rankings are reset on every Monday, 5:00 am.

✨Dungeons & Quests✨
Q: When do daily dungeons and quests respawn?
A: 5:00 am everyday.

Q: I have finished the main quests. Why haven't I received relics?
A: You have actually received relics but have not collected them after the quests. Click on "Relic" on the quest list in order to combine relics.

Q: When I enter The Great Hunt, why is the boss's respawn time not shown?
A: Currently, only players on the map where the boss is located can see the respawn time.

Q: In The Great Hunt, does each party member get random rewards in random quantities or the same rewards?
A: Random rewards are given to each member.

Q: Who can get the rewards of The Great Hunt? The player that dealt the killing blow or his/her party?
A: The party.

Q: In the Royal Arena, if both players did not deal any damage, who will be the winner?
A: If both players did not deal any damage, the one with lower BR will win upon the time limit. If both players are alive in the end, the one that dealt more damage will win.

✨Equipment & Outfit✨
Q: What level will unlock Socket?
A: Socket will be unlocked at Lv.114.

Q: Why are my gems not in my Bag?
A: There is a bag exclusively for gems. It will be available only when you have unlocked Socket.

Q: How long do the skins of weapons, wings and outfits last?
A: Skins last for 30 days. Permanent when purchased 3 times. Cost of diamonds gradually drops.
Weapon skins: 508 diamonds (1st time), 408 diamonds (2nd time), 258 diamonds (3rd time).
Wings skins: 980 diamonds (1st time), 680 diamonds (2nd time), 480 diamonds (3rd time).
Outfit skins: 768 diamonds (1st time), 568 diamonds (2nd time), 368 diamonds (3rd time).

Q: If I have two identical outfits, one with a 7 day limit and another with a 30 day limit, will they last for 30 days or will the time limits be added together?
A: The time limits will be added compoundly. 

Q: I have met my important one. How much intimacy is required for marriage?
A: 500. Go for it!

Q: Where do I get Soul Oath (used to set up Lv.2 guild)?
A: The item is not available yet. It will be sold at the Shop in future versions. 

Q: What will happen if the guild leader has been offline for days?
A: If the guild leader has been offline for 3 days, s/he will be automatically replaced by the deputy leader.

Q: After leaving a guild, how long do I need to wait to join a new guild? Will my guild contribution remain?
A: You have to wait 1 hour before joining a new guild. Your guild contribution will all be lost.

Q: How do I redeem codes for packs?
A: Enter the game, click on \[Perks], select \[Rewards], select \[Redeem Code], enter the code for your pre-order pack, and click on "Use" to redeem.

Q: When does the $0 Pack event take place?
A: It is available for 7 days after the player reaches Lv.40. It will not affect the collection of rewards upon the end of countdown.

If you have any questions, please comment below and we will get back to you.

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iNfamos W 9 months

How will this help me with my mystery grand prize code that was never emailed to me??
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Mitch T 9 months

Wtf is mining and gathering?
Haven't seen any of that in the game..
"Soul oath" might not be a thing, but "holy vow" makes a level 2 guild and that's in the shop.

Stanley G 9 months

When are marriages quest coming out or something to increase the marriage buff

Rob Richardson 9 months

Lol why are you still playing a game where the company cannot fix the easiest problem. Uninstall people

Samuel L 8 months

So good

Natalie C 8 months

On the server I was, I made a guild and my guild was ranked 5 or 6 on the server wich is pretty good. The problem was that no one is talking, it's dead. So if you want to group with "people" not good.

Solutions towards Gift Code Problem

Jul 10, 2019
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Hi PLMers,

Some players informed us that the gift codes didn't work in the game. 
We confirmed with the game developer, and the reason is the Game server "EST" and "HKT" have different gift code systems.

All the gift codes (Pre-reg Gift, Mystery Box Gift, Star Exchange Gift) are only available in the "EST" server.

If you have already chosen the "HKT" server, please comment below. 
We have a few gift codes which can be used in "HKT" server. PLM Admin will contact you by PLM in-app message and will give you a new gift code which can be used in "HKT" server.

-  PreLaunch.me Team

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Admin PLM Official admin 9 months

@Jason W Hi Jason, the HKT gift codes has just beem sent to you by in-app message. Please check. Thank you.❤️

Jason W 9 months

@Admin PLM what about the code for stars exchange also??? i spent 30 stars for 1 code that didnt work
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Admin PLM Official admin 9 months

@Jason W We are check if there's more star exchange codes for HKT server. Just a moment.

Jason W 9 months

@Admin PLM i hope so because i spent 30 stars to exchange for 1 code i couldnt use
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Mitch T 9 months

You've sent me a code for pre-reg already.
I redeemed my 30 stars here for the star exchange code as well, any news on hkt star exchange codes?

Rob Richardson 9 months

This is the people you want to deal with for a game? Lol move on to another 
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Admin PLM Official admin 9 months

@Mitch T Hi Mitch, just got some HKT star exchange gift codes from game developer. Please check your in-app message.

Aizeal K 9 months

HKT code please

Ahmed Ousama El-Siregany 7 months

is there any codes please .. msg me

jesse g 5 months

I'd like a code that works please

Star Exchange: Special Gift of Dragonborn Knight

Jul 8, 2019
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Dear Knights,

Here's a Good News for Dragonborn Knight! 
The game developer has prepared another Special Gift for PLM users, which worths up to $15.

The Quantity of Gift is limit to 100, now you can find it in the PLM Star Exchange Center.
You can use 30 stars to exchange the gift. (The stars can be got by Daily Sign-in, comments and posts in PreLaunch.Me App.)

Where's the Star Exchange Center?
- Open the PreLaunch.me App.
- Go to the Profile page.
- Click the Daily Sign-In Button on the upper left.
- You'll find the Star Exchange Entrance.

The Gift Package:
-5x EXP Potion*2
-Lv.3 Gem*2
-Respawn Crystal*10
-Sliver Stone*2

Enjoy Gaming!

-  PreLaunch.me Team

Aaue7maxt4txdfohtlsoj4dywzrn7orsfs1k umqarqmua?sz=250

Uriel M 9 months

Still no diamonds 😔, but hey, more free stuff is always good

Matt Anderson 9 months

I like free
Aaue7maxt4txdfohtlsoj4dywzrn7orsfs1k umqarqmua?sz=250

Uriel M 9 months

For some reason I can't type anything in the games
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Esteemed B 9 months

this is probably compensation for what happen to the prev. gift but well.. free is free so thank you!
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Giselle X 9 months

Finally find the star exchange center after I update the prelaunch.me app. Anyway, free gift is nice. 

Say Gil 9 months

Thats actually pretty decent

Shane J 9 months

This is great news
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Eva D 9 months

I have been playing the game for weeks now. What they are offering I get in a days worth of play without spending money. 
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Eva D 9 months

I have been playing the game for weeks now. What they are offering I get in a days worth of play without spending money. 
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Mitch T 9 months

These codes aren't working

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