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Changes of Pre-reg Gift and Mystery Box Gift

Jul 7, 2019
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Dear Knights,

Sorry for the late message! Some users have reported a problem that the Gift Info is not the same as it in game.

We have communicated with the developer of Dragonborn Knight, and they have confirmed that there're some changes to the Pre-reg Gift and Mystery Box Gift.

The former updated pre-reg gift includes 200 diamonds, which have been changed into 200 zircons, and the LV3 EXP Potion will be reduced to two units. 
Therefore the entire pre-reg gift will be:
-Zircons *200
-LV3 EXP Potion *2
-EHCT Crystal *5
-Pet redeem card *5

We feel sad that the diamond in the mystery box will be replaced by zircons as well. 
Here are the changes:
-Grand prize: 150 zircons
-1st prize: 100 zirons
-2nd prize: 80 zircons
-3rd prize: 50 zircons
-Attendance prize: 30 zircons

We will continue to communicate with Game Developer to see if there're any more gifts or events can be provided to PLM users.

- PreLaunch.me Team

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Rodney C 11 months

Game won't last long. developer's that lie will make game fail.players want someone they can trust and obviously its not them
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John W 11 months

@Rodney C You only say that because you suck lol
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Eva D 11 months

Highly disappointed. Zircons arent worth anything in game, they are easy to get. Diamonds are mostly bought with RL money. I hope PerLaunch does not continue to work with this company in the future.
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iNfamos W 11 months

Wow lame AOFand I never received my grandprize code anyway.
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iNfamos W 11 months

Where is my code period? You talk of changes to codes never sent besides the normal one.

Andrew Corby 11 months

Will not be playing this game, had a developer do this exact same thing on an old game I played, barely lasted a year before shutdown.
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Esteemed B 11 months

@Rodney C and players like this make it worse :/
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Rodney C 11 months

@John W and so do u

Say Gil 11 months

How comes i cant claim my spin gift

Shane J 11 months

Things happen sometimes