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Solutions towards Gift Code Problem

Jul 10, 2019
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Hi PLMers,

Some players informed us that the gift codes didn't work in the game. 
We confirmed with the game developer, and the reason is the Game server "EST" and "HKT" have different gift code systems.

All the gift codes (Pre-reg Gift, Mystery Box Gift, Star Exchange Gift) are only available in the "EST" server.

If you have already chosen the "HKT" server, please comment below. 
We have a few gift codes which can be used in "HKT" server. PLM Admin will contact you by PLM in-app message and will give you a new gift code which can be used in "HKT" server.

-  PreLaunch.me Team

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Admin PLM Official admin about 1 year

@Jason W Hi Jason, the HKT gift codes has just beem sent to you by in-app message. Please check. Thank you.❤️

Jason W about 1 year

@Admin PLM what about the code for stars exchange also??? i spent 30 stars for 1 code that didnt work
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Admin PLM Official admin about 1 year

@Jason W We are check if there's more star exchange codes for HKT server. Just a moment.

Jason W about 1 year

@Admin PLM i hope so because i spent 30 stars to exchange for 1 code i couldnt use
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Mitch T about 1 year

You've sent me a code for pre-reg already.
I redeemed my 30 stars here for the star exchange code as well, any news on hkt star exchange codes?

Rob Richardson about 1 year

This is the people you want to deal with for a game? Lol move on to another 
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Admin PLM Official admin about 1 year

@Mitch T Hi Mitch, just got some HKT star exchange gift codes from game developer. Please check your in-app message.

Aizeal K about 1 year

HKT code please

Ahmed Ousama El-Siregany 12 months

is there any codes please .. msg me

jesse g 10 months

I'd like a code that works please