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Dragonkborn Knight: FAQ

Jul 17, 2019
Dear Knights,

Maybe you had many questions during your journey. Well, we are here to help. Here’s the FAQ for Dragonborn Knight. It comes categorized and clear. Enjoy!

✨System Basics✨
Q: Gift code is not available?
A: Please send your Game id, Server and Gift Code Problem to DK_hwservice@pwrd.com.

Q: What is Vitality?
A: Mining and Gathering consume Vitality. 1 Vitality point is regenerated every minute. Vitality is capped at 2500 points.

Q: How do I raise VIP EXP?
A: Spend 1 Diamond for 10 VIP EXP; 1 Zircon for 1 VIP EXP.

Q: What is transaction tax?
A: A transaction tax (10%) is imposed on items sold at the Trading Post.

Q: When do Flowers Rankings reset?
A: Flowers Received Rankings and Flowers Sent Rankings are reset on every Monday, 5:00 am.

✨Dungeons & Quests✨
Q: When do daily dungeons and quests respawn?
A: 5:00 am everyday.

Q: I have finished the main quests. Why haven't I received relics?
A: You have actually received relics but have not collected them after the quests. Click on "Relic" on the quest list in order to combine relics.

Q: When I enter The Great Hunt, why is the boss's respawn time not shown?
A: Currently, only players on the map where the boss is located can see the respawn time.

Q: In The Great Hunt, does each party member get random rewards in random quantities or the same rewards?
A: Random rewards are given to each member.

Q: Who can get the rewards of The Great Hunt? The player that dealt the killing blow or his/her party?
A: The party.

Q: In the Royal Arena, if both players did not deal any damage, who will be the winner?
A: If both players did not deal any damage, the one with lower BR will win upon the time limit. If both players are alive in the end, the one that dealt more damage will win.

✨Equipment & Outfit✨
Q: What level will unlock Socket?
A: Socket will be unlocked at Lv.114.

Q: Why are my gems not in my Bag?
A: There is a bag exclusively for gems. It will be available only when you have unlocked Socket.

Q: How long do the skins of weapons, wings and outfits last?
A: Skins last for 30 days. Permanent when purchased 3 times. Cost of diamonds gradually drops.
Weapon skins: 508 diamonds (1st time), 408 diamonds (2nd time), 258 diamonds (3rd time).
Wings skins: 980 diamonds (1st time), 680 diamonds (2nd time), 480 diamonds (3rd time).
Outfit skins: 768 diamonds (1st time), 568 diamonds (2nd time), 368 diamonds (3rd time).

Q: If I have two identical outfits, one with a 7 day limit and another with a 30 day limit, will they last for 30 days or will the time limits be added together?
A: The time limits will be added compoundly. 

Q: I have met my important one. How much intimacy is required for marriage?
A: 500. Go for it!

Q: Where do I get Soul Oath (used to set up Lv.2 guild)?
A: The item is not available yet. It will be sold at the Shop in future versions. 

Q: What will happen if the guild leader has been offline for days?
A: If the guild leader has been offline for 3 days, s/he will be automatically replaced by the deputy leader.

Q: After leaving a guild, how long do I need to wait to join a new guild? Will my guild contribution remain?
A: You have to wait 1 hour before joining a new guild. Your guild contribution will all be lost.

Q: How do I redeem codes for packs?
A: Enter the game, click on \[Perks], select \[Rewards], select \[Redeem Code], enter the code for your pre-order pack, and click on "Use" to redeem.

Q: When does the $0 Pack event take place?
A: It is available for 7 days after the player reaches Lv.40. It will not affect the collection of rewards upon the end of countdown.

If you have any questions, please comment below and we will get back to you.

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iNfamos W 11 months

How will this help me with my mystery grand prize code that was never emailed to me??
Default profile

Mitch T 11 months

Wtf is mining and gathering?
Haven't seen any of that in the game..
"Soul oath" might not be a thing, but "holy vow" makes a level 2 guild and that's in the shop.

Stanley G 11 months

When are marriages quest coming out or something to increase the marriage buff

Rob Richardson 11 months

Lol why are you still playing a game where the company cannot fix the easiest problem. Uninstall people

Samuel L 10 months

So good

Natalie C 10 months

On the server I was, I made a guild and my guild was ranked 5 or 6 on the server wich is pretty good. The problem was that no one is talking, it's dead. So if you want to group with "people" not good.