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Dragonborn Knight: 12-Min Gameplay First Impression

Jul 28, 2019
Hello, Prelaunch.Me members!

My name is Tap-T (an abbreviation of Tapioca Tea), a new member of the Prelaunch.Me crew.
Here's my 12-Min Gameplay First Impression for Dragonborn Knight. 

And don't forget the star exchange event is still available in PLM Android App. You can get the gift codes now if you have PLM star points.

Enjoy gaming!


Stanley G 10 months

The game died out
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Dylan I 10 months

@Stanley G Rightttttt. S1 dead. S2 dead. S3 dead all in like a week
Resize,m lfit,w 300

iNfamos W 10 months

Its a gender locked autoplay clone mmo with slightly better character designs. Why is your review 12minutes???
Resize,m lfit,w 300

iNfamos W 10 months

@Dylan I the game was dead at conception it is a boring gender locked mmo clone what did u expect.

Natalie C 10 months

Yup the game is dead, or was about to die when I left...