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    Pre-Register for Ocean Raider: Captain's Wrath Starts Now!

    Apr 29, 2019
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    Hi PLMers! 
    Pre-Registration for our new game Ocean Raider: Captain's Wrath Starts Now! 
    This is a game about the world of pirates!  In this fascinating world, you will encounter hundreds of pirate captains, play mesmerizing games, and unleash deadly combo skills! 
    Pre-register now join us in this unique Action-Strategic RPG, find new adventures, and gather a crew of Legendary Heroes to lead to battle!
    -Ocean Raider: Captain's Wrath & PLM Team 


    ZombiePro g about 1 year

    It says nothing about being released in Australia :(

    Victor Anter about 1 year

    I can't find is game