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FRI 7/3/2020 10:54
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!! Launch Alert !!

May 22, 2019
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Hi PLMers! 

The highly anticipated game Talion now has a confirmed launch date! 

Launch Date: May 28th (PDT). 

Also, please make sure to download the game, sign up, and log in to the game between May 28th and June 14th in order to claim your pre-registration gift! 

Stay tuned and enjoy gaming! 

-Talion & PLM Team 

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Espero about 1 year

Thanks I thought it launched 😭

Kevin S about 1 year

@Espero Same. But atleast we don't have to wait long
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Chris W about 1 year

Can't wait!! Only a few more days!
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Donna M about 1 year

Can't register on here??

Jeff n about 1 year

Ohh soon can't wait played Asia server a bit this game looks nice! 

Jeff n about 1 year

You can download it now on *******.com good site to get things ahead of time and try them out, asia  server and few others up  

Jeff n about 1 year

Apk.pure.com minus the .
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Lyllis W about 1 year

it launched and no code?

Kevin Hill about 1 year

It takes up too much space or says it has insufficient space in the phone.  Uninstall.