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A Wonderful Review!

Aug 22, 2015
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Having had the week to learn the ropes, we hope you are taking the weekend to perfect your skills.

How are you enjoying the game so far? Is there anything that could make Wonder5 Masters even more wonderful? Let us know in the comments below, but remember, please be constructive!

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Jacob D over 2 years

i dont have that issue on my s4 it might be your guys's phones
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Tarrence A over 2 years

I'm enjoying it quite a bit, though I think the arena needs to be tweaked.

Asthen C over 2 years

I dont have cactus icon. Its bugged
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Ronald U over 2 years

I agree with Jacob  D, I too, don't have any issues with the game... even though I'm on an s3/note1
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Samantha S over 2 years

Yeah I haven't had any issues either..?
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Jose P over 2 years

I had been playing just fine with no issues since sunday. but now there's a required update that needs to download but It says the game is not compatible with my phone on the Google play store.
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Jose P over 2 years

so now I can't play the game at all because I have to press either cancel and exits the game. or confirm and it takes me to the Google play store where it won't even give me the option to update now.
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Jose P over 2 years

it really sucks because I've been playing the game since sunday when it was finally available to download for me and I was really enjoying the game. wish the issue clean be fixed soon because I wanna 
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Jose P over 2 years

keep playing the game. its very fun. my phone is a Samsung galaxy avant, so it's not an old phone, wish I knew why it says not compatible
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Alex S over 2 years

Same here, wish they fix it quickly.