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A Wonderful Update?

Oct 5, 2015
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Eyedentity Mobile is pleased that so many of you have enjoyed Wonder5 Masters. What are some things you'd like to see in a possible update.

*Please note that this does not confirm that an update will be coming. This is just fielding suggestions for now.

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Percy . almost 5 years

Please release guild wars already

Eetu A almost 5 years

I would like to play this game but it's not compatible for my phoneanympre :/ did I bought daily gems for nothing?

James W almost 5 years

Awesome that I started fine with an HTC one...but then came the update and I am not compatible anymore....glad I didn't spend money :p sad because the game was really well done lol
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Brandon L almost 5 years

I wouldn't mind seeing a un equip button so we can remove equipment we no longer want on a character. That way we can sell off low grade equipment or simply use the equipment on a different character
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Gypsy Gold (Community Manager) Official admin almost 5 years

What types of new characters/challenges? 
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Brandon L almost 5 years

I know I'm very interested to see the wolf shamen in game. The same wolf shamen shown on the start screen
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ELD L almost 5 years

Something that works ty, well your welcome, ok great then, sure ok super, alrighty then!
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Terry G almost 5 years

Dragons seam to get short straw and always seams like an enemy why not make them a hero 
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Jeffrey B over 4 years

More servers, not only for korea
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Veronica A over 4 years

I had the game once, but now they say my phone is incompatible!