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MON 12/9/2019 16:24
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    Tips & tricks!

    Oct 29, 2015
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    Pro-Tip: Save your Gold Potions for when you progress deeper into the game. You’ll be able to rake in high-level materials and rewards with ease that way

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    Gypsy Gold (Community Manager) Official admin about 4 years

    Easier said than done.
    Everyone is too enticed to spend as soon as they can, I mean, does anybody actually save up their stuff?
    Are their any paitent gamers out there?
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    Noxved Z about 4 years

    Nope, i try and save them a little but usually i really need to upgrade my gear

    Brice B about 4 years

    I save mine 
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    M155 M about 4 years

    Lol...I did save mine...
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    Noxved Z about 4 years

    I saw in a news update for this game that there was evolve or skill stones (can't remember which) for 300-700 xeo or something but don't see it in the maeket