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WED 8/15/2018 06:02
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by Koramgames





Major update in October! Pre-register and get exclusive gift (gift is only available after the update)

★ ★ ★  Steel Avengers-Global Tank War ★ ★ ★
☆ Build-and-Conquer strategy game with great features ☆
Upgrade your battle units, Alliance battlefields, and multiple new Terrains and wage war inside cities, up mountains and out on the plains!
☆ Become a Tank Commander ☆
Test your friends by challenging them to battle, or else join forces with them to cross challenging terrains to locate and destroy your enemies!
☆ Exciting Gameplay ☆
A massive amount of military hardware waiting for you. All of the world’s most formidable weaponry including German Panther tanks, Ukrainian T-90s, Typhoon rocket launchers and Russian Black Hawks and more!
☆ Over 35,000 likes on Facebook! ☆
Build up your own army of steel, and do battle with players from all over the globe in the kick ass, modern war-themed, free-to-play tank MMO that everyone’s talking about!

Great New Features Coming Soon! Experience Global Warfare For Yourself!

1. Select your Language
You can choose your language in the game so that people from different countries can enjoy the game together!
2. New Push Notifications
When your base is under the attack or your resources are full, HQ will send you a message to inform you, then you can decide whether you need to login.
3. Game Masters
You can contact "Game Masters" in-game when you encounter a problem and they'll help you solve the issue as soon as possible.
4. Google Log in
Login to the game with your Google Plus account and you can compete with your friends.
5. Auto Translation
Chat messages can be translated into your own language, allowing you to communicate easily with players from different countries.

*Above are subject to change on launch

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