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MON 6/18/2018 23:46
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Templar Knights guild join

Created by Isaiah G on Oct 9, 2015

Hey its me from core elememt i see this game is epic so im starting the frist guild for this game join 4 generals max rest who pre reg will be thrid in rank 


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Nick W over 2 years

Ill join
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Ernest S over 2 years

Core element released?
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Isaiah G over 2 years

No new pub 
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Shawn C over 2 years

When is release
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Isaac S over 2 years

I'm waiting on that as well

BirdSikx . over 2 years

I'm in
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Isaiah G over 2 years

Roger i start the guild friend me my name is Exterminator in this game 
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Isaiah G over 2 years

Ok its called Templars and it costed me 50 gold so thats alot XD join now i accept ya 

Cz Y over 2 years

new server open
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RogueSilence _ over 2 years

Isaiah G I looked up the clan on there but you're maxed out in players so if one leaves I'll join but I'll just farm stuff I guess and learn the game more