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WED 11/13/2019 12:31
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Created by Kiefer H on Oct 29, 2015

I preregistered for this game and now I can't get the coupon for the preregistration gift.



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Samantha S about 4 years

Hm that's odd. Are you clicking on the pink gift box on the first page of the game under the trailer?

Kiefer H about 4 years

Yes I am. All its says is that the code will be here after the release date. And I've been playing minimon all week waiting for the code

InfernusXL . about 4 years

Same problem hete
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Gypsy Gold (Community Manager) Official admin almost 4 years

This is happening to slot of people. I will address it tomorrow.

russell j over 3 years

Need a active coupon code my code from prelaunch me does not work at all  PSALEXBV7YHA
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Gypsy Gold (Community Manager) Official admin over 3 years

Its long expired Russel. This is a pretty old game. Sorry.