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Final Review

Jan 2, 2016
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You've all had time to master the various Minimons, so what is your final review of the game?!?

Did Minimon Masters earn a 5 star review, or is it simply a 1 star dud? Use the comments below to give your final thoughts on Minimon Masters!

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Frankie G almost 4 years

The game is good 10/10 or a 5 on your scale 

Anonymous almost 4 years

I give it a 4/5 good game can totally be competitive without spending money. Limited content for now. 
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Jovi L almost 4 years


Charlie N almost 4 years

Only problem is the limited content so u get tired of it quick thts my only problem but overall good game needs more content is all
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Samantha S almost 4 years

I agree with Charlie. I got bored and it ended up getting uninstalled because of it, but it was a very good game.
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TheHumanFlaw X almost 4 years

Yup, uninstall fodder. Was great in the start.

Philip R almost 4 years

Game was well designed and original in some ways... However, doing it all solo made it feel empty and purposeless. If real time coop was implemented that could go a Long way for longevity of the game.

Faith G almost 4 years

I agree with all of these statements and want to add that there was also an occasional issue with account loss that having linked to your Google or Facebook couldn't retrieve. Customer service-none.
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roa s almost 4 years

Wish the gacha rates were reasonable -_-

Jorrell D almost 4 years

It's more of a 3 star than a 5 star game. Good luck beating the Koreans in PVP without spending money. And PVE was ok but nothing special. I long unistalled the game.