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SUN 3/29/2020 09:33
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It's live in app store

Created by Jordan K on Oct 29, 2015

Anyone else see It on the app store?  It just doesn't connect to any servers




Amber W over 4 years

I can't find it at all. What exactly do we need to type in the search field of the play store? 
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Gypsy G Official admin over 4 years

It doesn't go live yet. Please, wait until we notify you that it has launched. Downloading early may affect your gift.

Ronald B over 4 years

Why is it that its going to be deleted, i mean what ive earned when the beta stops. Thats kind of retarded. .....
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Gypsy G Official admin over 4 years

It's a damed if you do, damed if you don't scenario Ronald. If they let you keep your stats new users will complain. If they wipe your stats then you'll be upset. You just gotta roll with the punches.
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stephen f over 4 years

This version and the one live in store are made by 2 diffrent developers