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Player Testimonial!

Jan 31, 2016
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Hello Prelaunchers, this is Gypsy Gold! I've seen alot of games come and go through Prelaunch, and I've played them all. Recently, I reached out to the developer to give him my personal testimonial for Star Chasers and gave him permission to use it in his markettng. It goes as follows:

"At first glance it is unfathomable to think that a game of this quality came from the mind of a single man! However, with only a vision and an outer-worldly amount of motivation Lightbound Studios has managed to craft one of the best runners I've ever played! Lightbound studios is definitely one to watch out for in the future, and 2016 will be the year of the Star Chasers!"

If any of you would like to help this single developer get his company off to a healthy stat, then please use the comments to also give your personal player testimonials.

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Kayla H about 4 years

This game is amazing hands down. If a single developer can do this on their own better than larger companies, that proves something.
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Gypsy Gold about 4 years

Good one Kayla.
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Petal Is Meme P about 4 years

It kinda seems like subway surf though...kinda....
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Brandon M about 4 years

One of the best runners of ALL TIME!!!  Definitely going to give subway surfers and Temple run a RUN for their money.. new ideas and the best of old ideas mixed into ONE AMAZING GAME!! 
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Samantha S about 4 years

Awesome, addicting game which ends up being even more impressive when you find out it came to us through just one person!
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Mike P about 4 years

Looks like a good game, but obstacles still disappear and floors are clear 
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Lightbound Studios Official admin about 4 years

Thanks a lot everyone for all your support and kind words.  I'm glad to hear that you enjoy playing the game.  I do hope that I'll be able to continue supporting it and bringing you new content soon.
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Lightbound Studios Official admin about 4 years

Hi Mike, the issue you're having is very specific to certain devices.  I'd really appreciate if you could email me the type of device you have and its android version.  beta@lightboundstudios.com