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First Impressions!

Feb 1, 2016
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What are your first impressions of Digimon Heroes? What is your favorite aspect of the game? Is there anything that you dislike about the game? What could be done to improve your player experience? 

...oh, and most importantly, whats your deck look like :-)

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Tayler H almost 4 years

Oh my gawd yes!!!! @GregoryP
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Jean-Michel M almost 4 years

I am loving the game :) though for some reason its not letting me connect even though i have wifi on yet it keeps saying that it has timedout

Mikhail M almost 4 years

Games getting boring now... I don't really like the puzzle aspect of it... wish it was an action rpg game like colopl rune story 

Kevin H almost 4 years

Battles are way to long. Getting 10 battles in takes way to much time. 

David H almost 4 years

I love that the original Japanese names are used for each Digimon.

Justin A almost 4 years

I've lost the point of the game... it's really getting boring,  no line of events to keep you interested just the same thing over and over

Gage S almost 4 years

The clock seems to be rather weird for global servers, and the auto match AI sucks most if the time.

SquallKnight14 . almost 4 years

Theres no real battle concept. The abilities are nice, but the choices you make and the team you have doesnt seem to change anything. If there was a bit more to even and odd numbers.

SquallKnight14 . almost 4 years

It would be cool if your digimon died individually and the cards you dont get as many cards then.  Its just a puzzle game and thats not fun.

Gareth W almost 4 years

Some form of battle sprites or animation for your Digimon themselves so you really felt the action would literally improve its playability, interest, and retention, 1000 percent. :)